Empower and Send

Jesus recognized the need to develop key leaders, who he would empower and send into the world.  Train your leaders so they can join you in reaching the world.

WDA’s 28/20┬« Platforms

These four platforms provide are designed so leaders can begin groups and build groups into ministries. 


Start Groups Today

School of Ministry

Mobilize and Minister

Restoring Your HEart

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Leadership Institute

Build Your Team

WDA Seminars

Introduction to Building Disciples 

Overview of the ministry of Christ using a harmony of the gospels. Introduction to the 5 phases of growth and the R-CAPS® Grid. Suitable for all stages of growth but especially good for new leaders.

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Small Group Leaders Training

A Small Groups Manual provides the outline of this training. Highlighting the different types of groups that help build disciple and train leaders, skill and group exercises for new leaders

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Life Coaching 

Life Coaching focuses on the Spiritual life coach, the roles of coaches, dealing with classic discipleship models and emotional needs, along with using the Christian Growth Checklist and the Needs, Goals, Projects (NGP) approach.

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School of Ministry

Learning the character and skills needed to minister to others is the focus on our Phase III training. Within “Equipping for Ministry” the disciple gains an understanding ministry principles, the need for healthy relationships, spiritual warfare and positional truth.  The disciple will also learn skills in studying the bible inductively and how to share their testimony..

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Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a virtual “School of Disciple Building” patterned after Christ’s ministry with the Twelve and implemented in small cohorts of leaders in the local church. The Leadership Institute focuses on a transformational discipleship process supported by strong relationships with mentors and other students as well as an approach driven by rapid application of concepts. 

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Restoring  Your Heart Leader Certification

Restoring Your Heart Leaders will be trained to lead groups. Leaders need to be part of a RYH experience prior to attending this training. Leaders will learn concepts related to facilitating groups, learning about group dynamics, helping groups trust one another and develop a safe group.  Leaders will receive a certification following this training.

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WDA Training Staff 

Our staff have the experience and skills to help your leaders begin to build disciples. 

Training with WDA helps give your team an opportunity to learn in an interactive environment that will motivate and empower them to begin groups.


Meet the Team

Dave Johnson

Campus and International Trainer

Nancy Higgins

Restoring Your Heart Trainer

Sean Hall

Life Coaching Specialist

Nate Harkness

Leadership Institute and International Trainer

Dan Horne

Church Trainer

Start Training Leaders with these Introductory Seminars

INtro to Disciple Building: 

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Life Coaching

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INtro to RYH

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Small Groups

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Training Schedule

Training Live or Online, WDA brings experience to you situation..

Restoring Your Heart Leaders Training

Nancy Higgins



Intro to Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework

Dan Horne and Buddy Eades

Monroe, GA

Summer 2020

Leadership Institute Cohort Training

Nate Harkness


Tuesdays at Noon

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Develop a Ministry

You can start right now

You and your leaders can begin small groups using our guided discussions!

While leading groups  provide your leaders with the training and encouragement to grow!

If you are a starting one group or a developing a ministry WDA can help you begin today.

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