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Teaching Outlines

Each WDA workbook is developed using teaching outlines.  Available for free and useful for developing presentations.

Tips for Leading WDA Groups & experiences

Learn from our team and develop best practices for group leadership.

Discipleship Curriculum

From the basics of the faith to skill for participating in ministry.

Leadership Curriculum

Developing New Leaders and Developing Mature Leaders covers all the subjects and skills leaders need.

Video Tutorials

Hear stories and instruction from WDA staff and partners.

Free Downloads

Teaching Outlines, Christian Growth Inventory and Life Coaching Worksheets.

Mentoring Curriculum

Spiritual Life Coaches meet people where they are and help them to take the next step..


Ministry Skills Curriculum

WDA School of Ministry: Evangelism, Inductive Bible Study,  Topical Study, Apologetics.

Emotional Maturity Curriculum

How Emotional Problems Develop, Processing Pain, Understanding Emotions and Conquering Shame


Christian Growth Check-list


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When disciple building breaks down, cultures follow. But thankfully Jesus gave us the perfect pattern to build disciples.

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework by Bob Dukes

New Improved version available now!  

Where do emotional problems begin? Learn more about how WDA and Restoring Your Heart helps people heal from past pain the grow to be healthy growing followers of Christ.

How Emotional Problems Develop by Jack Larson

Restoring Your Heart Founder | Pastor and Disciple Builder

Begin to build a small group experience that helps develop people who will grow toward Christlikeness. A Small Groups Manual shows how WDA’s R-CAPSĀ© approach helps build mature Christians while providing helpful tips and skill for leading groups.

A Small Groups Manual by Bob Dukes

with | Betsy Riley

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Blog Articles

Thought Provoking, Insightful.

Global Disciple Builder Podcast

Bringing diverse ideas together for a discussion about building disciples.

WDA Video

Collection of WDA Video from ministries and events.

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In Your Church 

Design and Build an approach that fits just what you need.

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On Campus

Learn how WDA can help you engage the Next Generation.

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Around the World 

WDA Partners and Staff around the World are building disciple.

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