Where we disciple

WDA started in 1974 with a vision to serve the church worldwide. We began on college campuses, developed leaders overseas through training seminars and began to build relationships with local churches who wanted to take the process of discipleship into their congregations.

Our Campus Ministry is called Next Generation Ministry where we see staff and students continue to grow and move from campus to the world.

Our Church Ministry focuses on helping church leaders train their people to disciple others and is able to provide a classic discipleship process using our relational approach. 

The Restoring Your Heart Ministry which has grown out of our ministry to churches has grown as it helps people learn about how past pain effect our ability to grow.  Healing in safe small groups provides the church with healthy leaders who continue to impact the world.

Our International Ministry brings both our discipleship process and the Restoring Your Heart ministry to leaders around the world who also see the need to grow their churches. WDA has a growing number to people who serve in their countries, translating, training and developing leaders


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WDA established our first ministry on college campuses in 1974. Now Next Generation Ministry engages young men and women not only in the university setting but also in communities and churches.

WDA believes that Jesus’ pattern for discipleship offers you the structures and methods to build a healthy church, whether training leaders, addressing the pain and emotional needs with Restoring Your Heart or developing a strategy to build missional communities or small groups.

“Restoring Your Heart is dedicated to teaching churches (and other ministries) how to help people heal emotionally and relationally.

WDA trains leaders around the world by focusing on Jesus’ method for discipleship. We believe that no matter what your cultural context, following Jesus’ way of equipping leaders will produce mature leaders who are able to help others grow.