By starting a Cornerstone Group you can help others think, feel, & act like Jesus.  We believe that developing Christlike character is vital to helping the world see the truth of the gospel.

WDA groups provide the best place to grow together.

David has been leading groups for over 45 years. Learn from an experienced leader how Jesus Ministry forms the pattern that we follow in making disciples who disciple others.


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When disciple building breaks down, cultures follow. But thankfully Jesus gave us the perfect pattern to build disciples.

Disciple Building: A Biblical Framework by Bob Dukes

New Improved version available now!  

Where do emotional problems begin? Learn more about how WDA and Restoring Your Heart helps people heal from past pain the grow to be healthy growing followers of Christ.

How Emotional Problems Develop by Jack Larson

Restoring Your Heart Founder | Pastor and Disciple Builder

Begin to build a small group experience that helps develop people who will grow toward Christlikeness. A Small Groups Manual shows how WDA’s R-CAPSĀ© approach helps build mature Christians while providing helpful tips and skill for leading groups.

A Small Groups Manual by Bob Dukes

with | Betsy Riley

What Leaders Say

“WDA has built a flexible and Biblical Approach to building disciples that has changed the way I approach helping develop leaders in my church. We are very excited to be a partner with WDA”

Tolivar Wills, Ponce Church, Atlanta GA

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“I had little training in building disciples till WDA and the Leadership Institute helped me learn that I can build disciples who disciple.”


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